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The current format of the SAT essay question is focused on testing the student's reasoning, analytical, and logical thinking skills. They need to have deep understanding of the passage they read in order to provide a convincing answer. The student should make connections between different parts of the material, and pay attention not only on the meaning, but on the structure of the passage as well.

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The announcements about the changed SAT essay question raised a lot of insecurity among students. They were already having headaches with the old format of the test, and no one expected the new format to be simple. It's like students got used to being challenged beyond their limits, so they expected the new essay questions to be less comprehensive than ever. According to , a popular essay writing service, students are increasingly getting ready for the test with the help of professional writers.

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SAT essay grading criteria are listed on page 105 in the College Board book. In this video, I will show you how to answer an SAT essay question based on the grading criteria.

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