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Read the task and decide whether it as a compare/contrast, cause and effect, problem and solution or mixture opinion essay. The type will define what ideas to concentrate on.



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The supporting paragraphs of an opinion essay will all relate directly to the thesis; the point of these paragraphs is to explain why the writer believes his or her opinion on a matter is correct. These paragraphs may also serve to explain the opposing arguments; the writer can then work to discredit these arguments by presenting facts and other information that supports the writer's assertions.

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The conclusion of the opinion essay is one paragraph that essentially summarizes what the essay was about. The goal for the writer is to give the reader the vital information he or she needs to remember once they finish reading the essay. This should not be a simple re-statement of the thesis, but instead a well crafted paragraph that provides a synopsis of the important facts and arguments presented. The writer should think carefully about what he or she wants the reader to continue thinking about once they have finished reading the essay and craft a paragraph to present those ideas.

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An opinion essay exists to prove your main point – your thesis. This should be clearly statedin your opening paragraph. Don’tleave the reader to guess what your position is on the issue – make a clearstand!Opinions essays are the most fun essays to write! They are a chance for you to talk about whatever you want, without having to be objective. In fact, they are specifically meant to be subjective. The trick is to balance expressing what you believe with factual arguments that support your point of view. Some keys to writing a successful opinion essay include choosing a topic you know a lot about, representing an opinion that is held widely enough that you will be able to find plenty of sources to back you up, and using a persuasive tone rather than sounding like a lecture or a rant.An opinion essay allows the writer to display their personal opinion on a subject. The key is clearly presenting details and related viewpoints to help support reasons behind the opinion. Opinion essay topics are often controversial in nature, making them an interesting read when details are presented in a concise matter. Completing such essay includes completing several steps to help highlight or support your opinion.You are to write an essay that is based on your personal opinion about some certain controversial topic, so the opinion essay guide will be your helping hand. The main aim of an opinion essay is to make your audience believe that your very position is correct. To make the debatable problem actual the theme should be carefully chosen and proper research thoroughly conducted. The idea pluralism must be well-supported by your point of view and the opposing position on the selected topic both. Depending on the objective required, your composition can be any length, from a short letter, a medium-sized paper or a long speech that deals even with your personal researches. The only thing that is going to be your rule throughout your opinion essay is that it should contain some basic elements and steps.
3) Having written the plan, write your opinion essay, – the introduction, body and conclusion. Check for mistakes, fragments and commas.

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An opinion essay is a written work in which the writer expresses an opinion and supports that opinion with facts and examples. Unlike other , the opinion essay does not necessarily need to rely on hard facts; it can, instead, rely on the writer's opinion only, provided the writer can support his or her opinions with compelling arguments. The essay will consist of an opening paragraph with a thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and a closing paragraph with an effective conclusion to the essay. Most essay writers should avoid using phrases such as "I think" or "I believe," but the opinion essayist is free to use such terms.

In an opinion essay the writer attempts to persuade readers that their opinion on a certain controversial subject is correct.

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David Holahan’s Dec. 4 Sunday Opinion essay offered a heartfelt lament on declining bird populations but did not go far enough in identifying the causes or offering solutions. Decreasing bird populations are symptomatic of a wider trend in wildlife population declines. A from the World Wide Fund for Nature found that vertebrate populations have plunged by .

When you finish writing an opinion essay, you should check your essay. Check the outline and content of your essay:

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Actually I'm still in Gr.6, but I wanted to share this opinion essay I wrote with you, and I would be very happy to have your comments about it, positive or negative..