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The first and the most important step in essay writing is choosing the style your essay. Oftentimes, college professors tell the students the style and requirements for the paper. If your professor hasn’t done it, do not panic, you can find the list of the most common essay styles and their main features in this article and our academic essay basics website.

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This is an imagined scenario, which does take place on college campuses every year. The purpose of this story is to illustrate the importance of a well-written application essay with style. If the application essay is memorable or intriguing, it accomplishes its purpose. Moving the application folder to the right pile is the job of the application essay. An application essay with unique style can convince the admissions committee to review a folder again.

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An application essay is like a puzzle. The parts must fit together seamlessly in order to reveal the whole picture. Application essays require style, which reflects the author’s design, to attract and hold the reader’s attention. Different writers have different styles and it is important to find your own when you are crafting your application essay.

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The type of essay chosen should reflect the essay assignment and the topic. For example, if the assignment is for Information technology and you are expected to write on “How to Develop a Website” then process essay or expository essay styles are the most appropriate. However, for a creative essay, narrative style or descriptive style are more appropriate. With over hundred odd variants of essay styles, we cannot discuss all of them here. Therefore, we will zoom on few of the most widely used ones to make sure you are well prepared to face the most commonly assigned essays.

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Narrating interesting encounters is something we all might be good as. Applying the same skills to writing an encounter will produce a colorful and interesting narration essay. You need to be able to unfold the scenery and the backdrop of the essay and bring the characters of the incident or the experience in to life, in the mind of the reader. Using plenty of sensory verbs and time lines can help you narrate a story in an interesting and easy to understand manner. Holiday experiences, life altering experiences, personal inspirations, or memorable events are ideal topics for this essay style.

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