Now the essay writing process flowchart would look like this:

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The essay writing process isn’t easy but using these three steps when writing your MBA application essays will make it much easier for you and more stress-free.

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Another way to represent the essay writing process is the following linear representation.

Now the essay writing process flowchart would look like this:

Essay writing is a process; it is usually not linear in sequence. The essay writing process is a dynamic one and involves a number of steps. It is likely that you will move back and forth between the various steps involved as you assess your position in regard to the question and your information gathering. This process can best be shown graphically. In the diagram below, you can click on each step in the process to proceed to more information on that topic.

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The essay writing process starts with goodresearch. Before your child can write a paper on a topic, they need to learnsomething about it. They won’t be able to memorize all information they readonline. Moreover, they will need to save the resources, so they can referencethem in the paper. That’s why Pinterest is a great tool to use during thisstage. Whenever you find an interesting source of information, pin it in therelevant board.

It’s difficult, said Odiaga, because parents tend to be just as involved in the essay process as the students.
There’s a reason Janine Robinson named her site devoted to guiding students through the college essay application process .

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To make the essay writing process more fun, youcan use  – an app that simulates the process of writingwith a real pen on a real paper.

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The seven steps listed in the essay writing process flowchartyou created could be grouped, like the tire changing process, into three principal steps:

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