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As stated in number one, most students perceive that writing the essay paper eats most of their time. This also results in not being able to do any other activities they want to do, aside from just writing the paper. The students will then have to miss out other important things to do in school. They will have to prioritize the paper instead of their friends or their families. All in all, they will have to put themselves to their second priority just because of the writing task.

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 The Masque Of The Red Death Symbolism Essay On Paper | Nicholas J ...| The Masque Of The Red Death Symbolism Essay On Paper | Nicholas J ...

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But to most of the students, that is impossible. It is extremely hard for most students to make even the most simple essay paper, let alone balance their high school or college life. Why? What is the most common problem faced by the students when writing essay papers? Why do students use sample essay papers and example essay papers applying them as their own research?

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Essay paper writing eats most of the student's time because they not only have to research for possible references, but also they have to write several drafts first before being able to make the most suited essay paper. And some students even need fast essay paper with short deadlines.

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The Masque Of The Red Death Symbolism Essay On Paper | Nicholas J ...

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Advocate of hawthorn is echoing various originally and for traditional development, custom essay papers

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References will serve as the backbone of the essay paper. Without it, there will be no wisdom in whatever the information that will be presented in the paper. The different forms of references that can be used by the students are books, journals, news papers, magazines, internet or even interviews from credible individuals. As there are many possible references that can be found anywhere, getting the right one is the hardest part of it. It is not that easy to read or even just browse with all the readings and grab the information necessary for the essay paper. Writing several drafts is the tendency for most students.

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