Essay on the Tsunami of 26th December 2004!

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Essay on the Tsunami of 26th December 2004!

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Essay on the Tsunami of 26th December 2004!

Although, tsunami does not occur frequently; however, it has occurred in several regions across the globe from time to time. Therefore, students are being given a tsunami essay related to a particular event about tsunami in the past. Developing a thesis for essay on tsunami has never been an easy task for the students; therefore, the most common problem faced by students to write an essay on tsunami is the development of a thesis statement.
Here are examples of different kinds of thesis statement with reference to the distinct events that have taken place in the past regarding the events of tsunami to help students in writing a tsunami essay:

What shoud I write for the introduction of an essay on tsunamis?

Tsunamis are regarded to be really dangerous natural disasters. Students writing their essays on , learn a lot of interesting facts about the nature of this phenomenon. Such works can dwell upon etymology of term, history, particular examples and ongoing research.
Etymology in your essay on tsunami
Your essay on tsunami can focus on the meaning of the word. When was it introduced? When did it appear in other languages? Are there any equivalents in other languages? Try to explain this fact in your essay on tsunami.
History in your essay on tsunami
Many students are interested in history. You can papers at on the history of tsunami. When was the first tsunami recorded? What did people know about it in antiquity? Were tsunamis associated with earthquakes then? Your essay on tsunami can contain information concerning ideas articulated by Thucydides (5th century BC) or Ammianus Marcellius (4th century).
Particular examples in your essay on tsunami
You can portray a particular tsunami. What is known about its causes? Your essay on tsunami can focus on aftermaths of the tsunami. How were those aftermaths eliminated? What events can you consider in your essay on tsunami? Your essay on tsunami can deal with the disaster in 1896. You can provide an analysis of Hokkaidō tsunami (1993), or 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. It goes without saying that you can provide an analysis of 2011 Tōhoku earthquake which cause tsunami.
Ongoing research
Of course, it can be really interesting to find out more about the reasons of tsunamis. Your essay on tsunami can dwells upon geology or geophysical effects. By the way, you should not be confined to ocean tsunamis. You can research lake tsunamis as well. You can reveal the latest discoveries of scientists in the field. Why are there still so many secrets?

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