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Last week I participated in a PhD dissertation defense for a graduate student in the University of São Paulo. This student, Daniel, had looked me up a year before, during his research semester at Columbia, to talk about the great English essayist William Hazlitt, upon whom he was writing his dissertation. He was familiar with several things I had written about Hazlitt, and considered me something of an expert on the personal essay. Not to bore you with the humility bit, I am. Always happy to encounter another Hazlitt enthusiast, I chatted amicably with him, and then he emailed me asking if I would serve on his dissertation committee. I said yes, hoping it would lead to a paid trip to Brazil, where I have never been, but he emailed back a few weeks later to report that sadly the university did not have the funds for my airfare. Would I still be willing to serve on his committee? Having semi-committed myself, already in too deep, I said yes, and kept my fingers crossed that his dissertation would be decent.

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Preparing For The Dissertation Defense

The purpose of the dissertation proposal defense is to assure that your plan of researching your proposed research question is complete and holds academic merit. Students work closely with their supervisory committees in determining the composition of the dissertation proposal and in writing the proposal.

The paperwork required after the dissertation defense:

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As you journey towards preparing for the dissertation defense, I recommend the following:
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Research leap helped me with the final revisions of my dissertation and assisted me in explaining the results and methodology as well as helping me figure out what to expect during my dissertation defense. my favorite designs. This is a great product.

Note: Forms for committee use when voting on dissertation defense draft are provided at the end of this publication.

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After you have a quality dissertation document, you must do a some final preparations. I have prepared a "" document that provides a sample dissertation defense date and provides you some activities that need to be done in the six weeks leading up to the defense date.

Dr. William Allan Kritsonis, Dissertation Chair for Donald Ray Brown, Jr., Dissertation Defense PPT.

Dissertation Defense Announcements

At least six weeks prior to the dissertation proposal defense, the candidate contacts Student Services to confirm the members of their supervisory committee. This would include the addition of a non-University of Washington external faculty member if previously agreed upon.