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We include here selected dissertation abstracts in the fields of U.S. Catholic history, sociology, theology, architecture, art, cinema, music, popular movements, and related areas that we believe our readers will find to be of particular interest. Those interested in submitting an abstract for possible publication in the dissertation section of American Catholic Studies should do so electronically to in Microsoft Word format. [End Page 87]

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There are different versions in print and online. The online version is Dissertation Abstracts Online while the print bibliography is termed Dissertation Abstracts International. Material except the abstracts themselves were issued also on CD-ROM under the title: Dissertation abstracts ondisc.

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Although an abstract can reach up to 700 words, abstracts in most of the submitted papers range between 150 and 350 words. In order to preserve visual coherence, dissertation abstract may be limited to a single double spaced page with about 280 words.

Click on the blue titles for the dissertation abstracts.
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Many people struggle to write a good abstract because they understand that a poor abstract will ruin the whole dissertation. It will distract the readers' attention from the remainder of the dissertation. Even if the whole dissertation is perfect, a mediocre abstract can turn the entire dissertation into a dull read. You have to input maximum effort to write a marvelous dissertation abstract, and if you aren't able to produce one, some dissertation abstract help and dissertation abstract assistance is what you need. Our writers will be able to help you with any part of your dissertation, even a dissertation proposal abstract.

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Dissertation Abstracts | UC Irvine Transportation. This dissertation proposes network design models which can automatically create project combinations and searching for the best In this dissertation, the focus is shifted to the freight movements which involve multimodal transportation improvements.

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