DBQ essay template should look the following way:

A DBQ essay is a document based question essay that appears on AP History and AP English Lang exams. They require you to use multiple sources that are given to you during the exam to craft an argument based on the question they give and support it with the documents given. It's the APs way of testing your ability to write a research-style paper in which you support an argument with evidence you have found. The AP exam will give you a reading period to look through all of the materials given and brainstorm/outline your paper, and then give you a set amount of time to write.

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You should not forget that the second section of a DBQ essay must contain the following items:

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A DBQ essay is a "Document-Based Question" essay. Your teacher will give you a set of documents, which can be written pieces, graphs or charts showing statistics, or works of art, which all have something to do with the topic of your essay, and you'll be asked to formulate your thesis based on the evidence you can find in the documents. Using this evidence, you'll sort the documents into groups, each group corresponding to one topic sentence (or DI, developing idea) or body paragraph in your essay; in each body paragraph, you'll analyze the documents you took into account while creating the topic sentence for that paragraph.
DBQ essays sound daunting, but with a little practice you'll have this!

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A DBQ Essay is a Document Based Question Essay. In this type of testing, you have to read documents about a topic and then design an essay that tells your reader what your opinion and analysis of how these documents fit together.

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A DBQ is a kind of essay that is written by students on the basis of questions focused around one or several documents. They are document based, that is why their major purpose is not just to check one’s knowledge, but to learn if a person is able to think analytically and can use theoretical material. As a rule, a DBQ essay consists of no more than two or three pages. The minimum for this writing is six paragraphs. One paragraph contains an introductory part, four or more paragraphs are written as the body of the paper, and the last paragraph is conclusion. It is rather difficult to succeed immediately with this type of paper, but everything comes with practice. Do not forget that it is necessary to demonstrate your own interpretation of events or facts in this paper. A DBQ essay gives you an opportunity to reveal your own ideas concerning the issue under analysis.Professional writers state that there are several steps that contribute to a successful DBQ essay. They are the following ones:It is important to learn how to write a DBQ essay before getting down to work. It is necessary to prepare a splendid thesis and it is a good idea to use brainstorming here. This should be done after you read the question carefully and consider what you are expected to do. The second step requires the process of reading all documents. Take the most important information as the basis for your thesis.As a rule, DBQ Essay Example consists of two parts. The first section (Part A) includes documents that are given to the students for reading. It is necessary to answer the question about each document in the first section. The second part (Part B) is written as an essay response, which is organized by means of introduction, body, and conclusion. It is very important to read each document carefully, in order to give correct answers.
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DBQ essay guideline example
Sample DBQ topic:
What are the attempts made by United Nations to foster peace between member nations? State its success from the 18th century.

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A DBQ essay is a Document Based Question essay. Quite literally, this means that the essay will have to be answered through the use of provided or chosen documents and analysis. Say there was a question on World War II, and the question for the essay surrounded three separate essays/ letters home from soldiers. You would then need to read the prompt, think deeply about the time period or subject it surrounds, think about an opinion surrounding the prompt, and before even looking at the documents it is important to form a thesis so that you can have a strong idea, not based solely upon the documents given to you.

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A DBQ is a document based question. This is an opportunity to show off your ability to analyze and connect historical documents (such as newspaper articles, graphs, letters, etc.) through a central thesis statement. Your thesis must be argumentative and universal; you use relevant articles as evidence to prove your thesis. Data points from the documents should be incorporated smoothly and effectively into the DBQ essay.